The Church Choir

St. Mary Magdalene Choir

In the Orthodox Faith, singing is meant to be an icon of worship. You will notice that our prayers are typically sung or chanted. Rarely are the prayers simply spoken without inflection. The Orthodox Church's tradition to offer up prayers to God is uttered in heightened speech called sacred singing.  

The tradition of sung worship is fundamentally Biblical. For both the people of the Old and New Testament, worship meant to gather as a group, and then sing praise with "one mouth and one heart." More than two-thirds of the Bible is written in a way that is meant to be sung. We see this especially in the Book of Psalms--the essential prayer-book of the Church.  

The Divine Services are meant to give us on Earth a glimpse into the Kingdom of Heaven. With this image in mind, the choir represents the angels who offer praise unto our Lord.  Our choir is not made up of professional/paid singers, but rather a simple and dedicated group of Christians who want to take part in one of the most sacred ministries of the Church.  

If you are interested in joining this ministry, please do not hesitate to reach out to Father Gabriel.