Fellowship of St. Photini

The Samaritan Woman at the Well

In April of 2018, members of the St. Mary Magdalene came together to create the Fellowship of St. Photini, in honor of the Samaritan Woman and her experience at the well with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The fellowship was established to better organize the outreach ministries here at St. Mary Magdalene.  

The fellowship has identified several types of outreach ministries that are needed in our communities.  The first, a ministry of presence, is inspired by our Lord's visit with St. Photini, the Samaritan Woman at the well.  One of the most difficult, but most necessary tasks that we are called to do in this life, is to be the "gentle presence of Christ" in the midst of those whoa re suffering in this world.  Outreach events of this type will be focusing on being a "compassionate presence" to those in need.

The second type of outreach ministry that was identified, is that of a "hands-on support" type.  Partnering with organizations like FOCUS Detroit and Habitat for Humanity, the fellowship will be creating opportunities and events for the parish to participate in outreach programs which require a hands on presence.  

The third type of outreach ministry that was identified was inspired by Matthew 25.  It is in this Gospel Passage that we learn about how important it is to love our neighbor as we love Christ.  The fellowship will be organizing drives and events which are focused on clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, and visiting the sick, shut-ins, and those who are in prisons.  

If you are interested in taking part in the Fellowship of St. Photini, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our leadership team at smmocafenton@gmail.com.

Here is a list of the upcoming events that are associated with the fellowship of St. Photini:

Ministry of Presence Event (During the Early Summer at the St. Peter and Paul Fast):  Summer Feeding Program with FOCUS 

July 2018:  First Responders Event:  This event welcomes all of our First Responders for a special prayer service, a blessing, and a cookout in their honor

Hands on Support Event (During the Dormition Fast in August):  Habitat for Humanity Project

August 2018:  School Supplies Drive:  A collection is taken of school supplies for our local teachers, so that it doesn’t come out of their pockets

October 2018:  Blanket’s for Cancer Patients:  Parishioners are given a blanket making kit, and are asked to make blankets that will be used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  

Hands on Support Event (During the Advent Fast in November):  Backpack Feeding Program with FOCUS, where we will be making over 500 meals for low-income families in Detroit

November/December 2018:  Seminarian Gift Cards:  We will once again be collecting money and gift cards for the families of our future Church priests and deacons during the Nativity Season

February 2019:  Lazarus Bags:  The parish will be putting together bags of toiletries, gift cards, hats, gloves, and other useful items to be given to the homeless.

Ministry of Presence Event (During Great Lent):  During the holiest time of the year, parishioners will be given the opportunity to be a gentle presence of Christ to those who are in Hospice Care.

May 2019:  St. Gabriel Mother’s Day Project:  Partnering with the St. Gabriel Project of St. John's RC Church in Fenton, we will be collecting baby items for mothers who choose life for their newborns.

Part of the Leadership Team of the Fellowship of St. Photini

Part of the Leadership Team of the Fellowship of St. Photini