Personal Journeys in Orthodoxy

Below are testimonies from parishioners at St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church. Please take the time to read through some of their personal stories. While every path is unique, we hope you find a connection to your own journey among these testimonies.


"My journey to the ancient faith was very much like a courtship that lasted years."


"The first time my husband and I visited the Orthodox entering a foreign country...Now, eight years later, we can't imagine being anywhere else."


"My journey, from my first visit at an Orthodox Church to St. Mary Magdalene’s, took me through a difficult time in my life. By the time I finally joined the church I was a young single mother in college."


"Growing up in the Ukrainian Catholic Church was a good beginning...Not until my future husband took me to an Orthodox church service one Sunday did my spirit recognize that I had finally come home."


"But, after awhile, we both started to feel that something was missing...We prayed and learned about the history of the first Christians."


"Standing before me were two-thousand years of unbroken history and theology and I wanted to consume it all. I didn’t. But I tried. This is where I fell in love."