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Metanoia Fall 2019

St. Vladimir the Great, a prince of what is today Eastern Europe and Russia, sent envoys in the 10th century to all of the civilized world, looking at the various religions that were being practice at the time.  The response from his emissaries that impressed him the most, was the group that returned from a Christian worship service in Constantinople. Here they marveled at the Ancient Christian Service by saying:  "We knew not weather we were in heaven, or still on earth."

In a Christian World (especially here in the United States) that has so many different denominations, each teaching a different version of the same Gospel, it is always helpful in one's spiritual journey to go back and study what the earliest Christians taught--how they worshipped and what they believed.  If this is something that you have ever wondered about, now is your opportunity to come and experience what those emissaries saw so many centuries ago.

The goal of this course is to grow together in our knowledge of God, through the teachings of the Ancient Christian Church established by Christ Himself. 

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2019 Fall Lecture Series: The Beginning and the End

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