Adult Education

As Orthodox Christians, our education and spiritual growth does not stop after we graduate from High School.  At St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church, we understand the need for continuous education and spiritual growth.  

For the Sprint Semester of 2018 we are offering a lecture series on the evening worship services of the Orthodox Church, which will take place during the Pot Luck Meal after our Friday Pre-Sanctified Liturgies during Great Lent (Starting Friday, February 23rd)

Evening Worship Flier PNG.png

If you would like to view our last lecture series on the Orthodox Worship Services and the Divine Liturgy, please see the video links below!

For more information on this lecture series, please click here

We are also offering a weekly course entitled "Metanoia:  A Study of the Ancient Christian Church and it's teachings.  Although this course will not be recorded, you are more than welcome to join us!  For more information, please click here!

All of our archived adult education studies can be found on our Youtube page!