The Konevets Quartet performing in Fenton, MI. Part One (30:58)


Thursday, September 15, 2016- Music and song have always been at the very center of Christian Liturgical worship, since the first Christian Churches were formed in the book of Acts.  Since that time, it has evolved into the various forms of Christian Worship that we see in our Churches today. 

The Konevets Quartet performing in Fenton, MI. Part Two (33:06)

Our parish family had the wonderful opportunity to show our city what that Ancient Music is all about. St. Mary Magdalene welcomed the Konevets Quartet from the Konevets Monastery in Russia.  The quartet sang to a packed house, made up of members of our congregation, as well as numerous guests and visitors from some of the other Christian churches in Fenton.  All were treated to a beautiful evening of musical prayer, which many described as an "other worldly" experience.

The Konevets Quartet will complete their tour of the United States in Philadelphia later on this week, and then return home to Russia.  God willing, our parish family will have the honor of hosting them again in the near future!