Restarting a Tradition

Wednesday, August 10- Saturday, August 13, 2016 - It has been many years since we held a Vacation Church School (VCS) together with our fellow area parishes. St. Mary Magdalene was proud to be the home for our restart to the Flint-area Orthodox VCS program.  Each day the students participated in Bible lessons, games, snacks, crafts, and a closing prayer from our priests.

Our lessons focused on the true gifts we have through God and how we can always depend on him when we are in need.  The games were designed not only for fun, but to help the kids practice cooperation and problem solving.  Each of the crafts (we did two a day!) were specially designed to tie in with the children’s lessons for the day. 

Thank You

Almost 30 students joined us from the area parishes, while representatives from each church lent a hand.  We owe a very big thank you to the coordinator Meghan Durand, Lori Photiou and Ruth Karabinas from Assumption, and Khouria Leslee Abud and Rene Hanna from St. George’s for all of their help.  We also thank many parishioners from St. Mary Magdalene who volunteered their time. There were so many helpers we couldn’t possibly list them all here!  

There are two things to take away from VCS. One, children will devour instruction about the church and faith when we are enthusiastic about teaching it to them. Two, wonderful things happen when we work together with the other faithful in our community!