Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fr. Gabriel held a readers workshop with some of the tonsured readers and those interested in beginning to assist with this crucial work in the life of the Church. Fr. Gabriel shared information regarding the importance of this position and the responsibilities of those who hold it. First and foremost is the fact that as a reader in the Church you must hold yourself to a higher degree and continue to work towards improvement in your personal prayer life and understanding of Holy Scriptures, trying especially to read at least one chapter from the Gospels every day. Fr. Gabriel also provided excerpts of a letter from the late Archbishop Job of the Midwest in which he sets forth instructions and gives advice on how to properly and articulately chant the prescribed sections of the Divine Services.


Finally the participants were given the opportunity to individually practice reading sections from the Epistles with advice and encouragement from Fr Gabriel. Overall the workshop was a great success with helpful information and edifying reminders for the current readers, and several new volunteers stepping up to participate in the reading of the Hours and the Epistle during the Divine Liturgy.