Welcoming a New Warrior for Christ to the Ranks!

Theophan kneels before the Gospel and Cross, professing the faith of the Ancient Orthodox Christian Church

Fr. Gabriel offers the final blessing of the Divine Liturgy, with Theophan and his daughter Nyomi

Theophan receives the prayer of absolution prior to the start of the Divine Liturgy

Fr. Gabriel offers some final words to the newly illumined Theophan, as well as some words of encouragement to Seth and Nyomi as they begin their catechumenate.

Theophan stands with his wonderful family after the Divine Liturgy

Theophan receives the sacrament of Holy Chrismation, with Chrism that has within it oil which dates back to the first centuries of the Christian Church

Many Blessed Years to Theophan and to his sponsor John, as he begins his journey with the Ancient Orthodox Christian Faith!